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*** PLEASE NOTE*** EVERY ITEM WITH A RED ASTERISK MUST BE COMPLETED OR THE FORM WILL NOT SUBMIT. IF THE FORM IS COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY, YOU WILL GET A MESSAGE STATING YOUR FORM HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS MESSAGE YOU WILL NEED TO REVIEW THE FORM AND SUBMIT IT AGAIN. Complete this form to make application to attend a school outside your district or attendance zone. Applications must meet criteria set forth in Jefferson County Board policy and a Federal Court Order that we are currently under. All applications must be submitted online to the Department of Student Services by June 1, 2017. You will receive notification by July 20, 2017 if the transfer has been approved or denied. Tuition of $1,500.00 will be due by August 1, 2017 for out of district students transferring into the Jefferson County School District.  A ten percent (10%) late fee will be assessed to any tuition payment not received by the deadline. No payments will be accepted after one week of the due date. 

You will need to complete the form using Mozilla or Google Chrome as your browser.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 379-2165 or 319-2161.