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Alabama Department of Special Education
Alabama State Department of Education

This links to the Special Education page of the ALSDE website.

Alabama Administrative Code

This is a link to the Alabama Administrative Code on the ALSDE website.

Mastering the Maze

This is a link to Mastering the Maze 2017.

Alabama Curriculum Guides

Alabama Extended Standards

Alabama Student Assessment Program Policies and Procedures for Students of Special Populations 2016

This year, the State Department did not include the forms for completion in the manual. They are found separately on the ALSDE website. In order to access these forms click on the tab for IEP Accommodations forms or click on the link below.

You will also see the link to these forms on the JefCoEd Website.

Link to Forms for State Testing

This link will lead you to the forms available at ALSDE that are needed for state testing accommodations.  The forms needed for the annual IEP should be uploaded in SETS.  Forms are also available on the private side of the JefCoEd website.

1. Save the forms you will need to your desktop and use them as needed for your students by filling out the appropriate information for each student, SAVE AS, giving a specific name to that file, and uploading that to the SETS file for that student.

2. Remember to complete the IEP Participation Form along the appropriate checklist(s).

Accessibility and Accommodation Presentation Podcast
This podcast provides guidance for the New Accessibility and Accommodation Checklists.

CVF - Link to ALSDE
Compliance Verification Forms
Link to Compliance Verification Forms on ALSDE
Click on the "CVF" tab. 

Travel Procedures
Travel Procedures