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Links to Tutorials and Help documents are listed below.

Google Apps for Education:

All Google Apps:

Google Apps for Education Cheat Sheet

Includes tutorials for most Google Apps

Google Apps Learning Center

This site is from Google and has many resources

Having a Meeting Using Google Hangouts (Google Meet)

Using YouTube Live
YouTube allows you to broadcast events live. 

Help for Switching from Microsoft to Google
If you are used to using MS or Outlook but need to make the move to Google, this is a great start to find how to complete tasks you were comfortable with in MS. 

Calendar and Gmail:

Add an Event in Google Calendar
How do you add something to your calendar? Learn more.

Create a New Calendar
Create a calendar for your school/class/department.

Turn On/Off Notification in Google Calendar
Send notifications to text or email to remind you of an appointment.

Share Your Calendar
Share your calendar with a coworker or entire group.  

Creating Appointment Slots in Google Calendar
Set up slots for people to sign up for appointments. 

Syncing your Google Calendar with your School Webpage
If you use Google Classroom, this will sync assignments to show up on your webpage. 

Creating Contact Groups in Google

Gmail Icon on your Desktop
How to make an icon on your desktop that will open Gmail

Calendar Icon on your Desktop
How to make an icon on your desktop that will open Google Calendar

Drive and Docs:

New Google Team Drive 
Learn how to create an manage a shared Drive in Google. 

Intro to Google Drive and Docs

Creating a Rubric Inside of Google Docs. 
Use a rubric to grade your students' docs without having to open two windows. 

Tools and Add-Ons for Google Docs

Make your Docs more powerful with these tools. 

Inserting a Google Doc into Educate Alabama

How to Make a Google Doc Public

Send a PDF to Drive
Instead of printing the PDF or losing everything in your fillable form, save it to Drive. 

Google Take Out
Removing Files from Google Drive

Google Forms:

Creating a Quiz in Google Forms
Now you can create a quiz in Forms without using an add on

Linking Multiple Forms to One Spreadsheet
Need a better way to organize your data from forms, have them all feed into one spreadsheet, and separate by tabs/sheets. 

Settings in Forms
What do the settings menus mean in Forms?

Creating a Form with Multiple Pages/Sections
How to create a form that lets you got to different pages based on an answer. 

Using Google Forms to Make Life Easier

Ways that Forms may help lesson the paperwork. 

Google Form Add-Ons
List of add-ons to use with Google Forms

Creating a Form for PST/RtI

How to Use Form Publisher
When someone submits a Form, the information will merge into a new document.

Reserving Appointments with Google Forms 
Using Google Forms for appointment set up using Choice Eliminator add on

Using Choice Eliminator for Sign Up Sheets
Perfect for sign ups for parties or students getting in groups. 
Creating a Walk Through Form with Google Form and Google Publisher

Using AutoCrat to Make Copies of a Form/Quiz. 
Once a student submits a you can run this to send them a doc with a copy of their answers and score. 
Click for a Video for this. 

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom Information for Parents

Google Classroom Tutorials for Students

Creating Assignments and Giving Feedback in Classroom

Adding Parents into Google Classroom

Adding a second teacher to a class in Google Classroom

Deleting a Student in Google Classroom


Enrolling a New Chromebook
All new Chromebooks MUST be enrolled the first time they are turned on.

Wiping a Chromebook Only Tech Reps and IT Technicians need to do this. 

How to Update a Chromebook

Teacher Pages Tutorials

Using Communicate


Purchasing Apps

Setting up new iPads

Recommended Apps for Elementary

K12 Online (online enrollment)

Pulling Home Language Surveys

Pulling Reports from K12


How to get student emails from iNow

Compass Learning Tutorial
This is an easy quick start for creating classes and assignments.

Compass Learning Tutorials

ActivInspire Tool Bar

Running Usage Reports in Compass Learning

Running Student Profile Report in Global Scholar