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Domestic Violence

PTA Council Hears About One of the Most Misunderstood Crimes
Posted on 10/04/2016
This is the image for the news article titled PTA Council Hears About One of the Most Misunderstood CrimesFormer Birmingham Chief of Police Annetta Nunn is now the community outreach coordinator for the YWCA of Central Alabama and was guest speaker for September at the Jefferson County PTA Council. There are four meetings yearly for the PTA council and then a state convention in April.
“Domestic violence knows no race, social boundaries, class distinction or age…and education is the best defense,” said Ms. Nunn. “There are 12 local programs to provide services for these victims including 24-hour crisis hotline, confidential shelters, supervised visitation and exchange, court advocacy, individual counseling, legal advocacy for victims, and dating violence outreach, to name some.”
She explained the cycle of domestic violence in which tension builds from minor incidents, then rage becomes out of control with physical violence likely occurring, followed by a honeymoon stage in which the abuser begs forgiveness and promises not to be violent again, until the tension builds and the cycle begins again.
Employee Jada Banner of the YWCA was introduced. She helps with human relationships and teaching teen girls about healthy dating relationships.