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Amendment 14

Vote YES for Amendment 14
Posted on 11/01/2016
This is the image for the news article titled Vote YES for Amendment 14On behalf of the Jefferson County Public Schools, we are asking all parents and employees to support the Constitutional Amendment 14, which is located as the last one on the amendment ballot, at tomorrow’s general election.
With the passage of this Constitutional Amendment, it puts us one step closer to providing additional resources with which we can focus on rebuilding many of our JEFCOED elementary and middle schools.
This is NOT a new tax.  Its passage simply extends for the next 30 years the existing one-cent sales tax currently being collected for education by our Jefferson County Commission.  
In short, Amendment 14 will correct over 700 pieces of local legislation that have now been brought to question in terms of the percentage of votes they received for passage.  One of those pieces of legislation was passed last legislative session which allowed the Jefferson County Commission to go back and refinance the bonded indebtedness that was incurred when they passed the Larry Lankford one cent sales tax in 2002 that provided the billion dollars for school construction.  If Amendment 14 passes, it will provide over $540 million over the next 30 years which will be shared by all the school districts in the county. 

JEFCOED’s portion of that would be roughly $188 million over the next 30 years or $6.2 million per year.  This will certainly enable us to continue to improve many of our middle and elementary school facilities as well as provide sufficient funding to replace many of our overcrowded schools. We encourage the public to vote YES.

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