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Vote for Students March 7th
Posted on 03/03/2017
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To All Jefferson County School Parents,

On Tuesday, March 7th, Jefferson County voters will be asked to approve the renewal and continuation of $100 million in education revenue county-wide. These are existing taxes currently paid to provide critical, local support to our school system.  This election is NOT about a tax increase: it is about maintaining what we currently have.

With the lack of state financial support and uncertainty as to the level of federal financial support, our local tax revenues take on a greater significance to ensuring the financial stability of Jefferson County Schools. Over the last couple of years, we have made great improvements. We have been able to balance our budget, revise our salary schedule, add additional programs and invest in significant building improvements throughout the county with no additional taxes. We have been making great progress but we cannot afford a setback like this.  

You will hear more about this over the coming weeks from your school and community leaders but we need your help spreading the word. In this election, there’s more than $62 million for the exclusive use of OUR schools at Jefferson County Board of Education. Without these funds we would be forced to make devastating cuts in current services and programs being provided to our students. While we are hopeful our communities will choose to renew these taxes, it is vital that our parents, friends and colleagues vote for and ask others to vote for these renewals. 

I ask that you accept an active role in spreading the word about these tax renewals to encourage all community stakeholders to vote.  Some of the most important points we need to share are:

Approval of these vital existing education taxes:
- Will NOT result in any new taxes.
- Renewal will continue funding for OUR schools. 
- These taxes will continue to go directly to OUR students just as they have for the past 26 years. 

Negative impact from the loss of these taxes:
- Each student will lose $1,723 per year, a loss of 30% in funding per student.
- Generate larger class sizes
- Elimination of programs (curricular and extra-curricular)
- Closure and consolidation of schools
- Elimination of bus routes
- Reduction of personnel

In closing, our renewal effort over the next five weeks is crucial to the future of our school district for the next 30 years. It is something we cannot take lightly and must all pull together for our current and future students. As we work together over the next few weeks, our partnerships will be the key to a successful campaign. So PLEASE vote for renewals on March 7th.

Warren Craig Pouncey, Ed.D.

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