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February SREB Updates

February 8 SREB Session with Principals and Administrators Focused on Quality Assignments
Posted on 02/16/2017
This is the image for the news article titled February 8 SREB Session with Principals and Administrators Focused on Quality AssignmentsPrincipals and COB administrators did some deep thinking about adding rigor to classroom assignments February 8 at the central office building. Leading the discussion were Dr. Steve Broome, Allyson Morgan, and LDC specialist Twyla Coleman from Clovis, NM. They are all employees of SREB, Southern Regional Education Board. "Assignments Matter" was the topic.

From small group breakouts, these quotes were heard:

"Teachers want feedback and that's what we should give them."

"What is your teacher's evidence and can you ask for it in specifics and non-judgmentally?"

"The key is to train department chairs and involve the leadership team's ownership in this topic of quality assignments and then let the leadership team roll it out to the faculty."

The afternoon highlight of the session was dissection of real, already- used classroom assignments to determine if they were on grade level, content rigor and individual quality, use of peer collaboration, how they were linked to College and Career Readiness, and the end results. Principals were asked for WOWs and WONDERS in these assessments. The leader's role in this continuing assessment involves: being in the classroom for observations, analyzing assignments, talking to teachers and having teachers talk to peers concerning assignments, and continual feedback, such as giving suggestions in the form of "small asks."

The meeting concluded with developing a plan for leading an "Assignments Matter" professional learning series at each school. That plan was to include artifacts, student behavior, and teacher behavior.