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Educators Liability Trust Fund (ELTF)

What is it?

The Educators Liability Trust Fund was established July 1, 2013, to provide liability protection for employees of Alabama public school boards acting in line and scope of their job requirements. Like the State Insurance Fund, the ELTF operates much like an insurance company. However, it does not provide insurance but administers statutory fund benefits.


Definition of Covered Employee

The Act 2013-215 and the Program Guidelines define covered employees as active teachers, principals, and other education employees who are employed by a Local Education Unit and required to hold a certificate issued by the State Superintendent of Education and Student Teachers, and support personnel such as maids, custodians, adult bus drivers, lunchroom or cafeteria workers, secretaries, clerks, clerical assistants, maintenance workers and other non-certified personnel.


Important Links for Employees

·         Educators Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) managed by the Alabama Division of Risk Management

·         ELTF Claim Form

·         ELTF Brochure

·         ELTF Guidelines

·         Alabama Legislation that creates the ELTF