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Wellness Screening Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this Wellness Webpage will provide you the latest information about the Wellness Screenings and follow up requirements from PEEHIP. Please make sure, if you or your spouse are  members of the PEEHIP hospital medical group #14000 plan (excludes Medicare primary members), that you meet all the requirements of the Wellness program. The first step is to participate in the wellness screenings provided in the schools and district or visit your primary physician. Also, remember that starting January 1, 2015, PEEHIP members can log in to in order to complete their Health Questionnaire, see their personal action plans, complete any applicable online coaching, and track their progress in earning the waiver of the new $50 monthly wellness premium, and more.  To contact  ActiveHealth about Health Questionnaires, Wellness Coaching, and Disease Management  call 855-294-6580.


Wellness Screening Q & A

1.  Who is required to participate?

Required if enrolled in PEEHIP BCBS hospital/medical plan (group #14000) and:

·         Active members and their covered spouses

·         Non-Medicare-eligible retiree

·         Covered non-Medicare-eligible spouses of retirees

·         COBRA, Leave of Absence, Surviving Spouses

NOT required to participate:

·         Medicare-eligible retirees

·         Medicare-eligible spouses on retired contracts

·         Children

·         Members who are only enrolled in VIVA, Optionals, Supplemental –Must be enrolled in group #14000 hospital medical plan to be required


2.  How does the program affect your premium?

·         $50 monthly wellness premium applied separately to subscribers and spouses effective 10/1/2015 for those who do not participate or complete their annual wellness program requirements by 5/31/2015

·         PEEHIP does not want anyone to incur the additional $50 monthly wellness premium

·         Wellness premium can be removed prospectively after requirements completed


3.  What are the other components you should complete?

Required by all eligible members as of  05/31/2015:

1. Complete a Wellness Screening

2. Complete the Health Questionnaire

·         Health Questionnaire (HQ) available online at

·         Telephonic HQ also available at 855.294.6580

Additional requirements only for those who get a letter notifying they are a candidate:

3. Participate in Wellness Coaching

·         ActiveHealth Health Coach works to reduce health risk and coach members to manage weight, get moving, manage stress, eat healthier & more

4. Participate in Disease Management

·         ActiveHealth Nurse Coach helps with self-examination, adherence to medication, knowing when to seek treatment, etc.

·         The 5 Chronic disease states identified for wellness coaching and disease management are asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, COPD

·         ActiveHealth will identify candidates based on 5 disease states listed above as well as tobacco use

·         Coaching minimum requirement is 1 phone call or 100 heartbeat units of online coaching credit (takes 4 weeks)

·         ActiveHealth nurses and coaches will contact candidates, or can be reached at 855.294.6580 from 8:00am –8:00pm, Monday-Friday; 8:00am – 1:00pm, Saturdays


4.  What does the screening cover?

·         Wellness screenings capture data to inform members of potential risk or illness:

1.      Blood Pressure

2.      Total Cholesterol (HDL and LDL)

3.      Triglycerides

4.      Blood Glucose

5.      Height

6.      Weight

7.      Waist

8.      Body Mass Index (BMI)

·         No more pre-existing condition exclusions for any enrollee of any age

·         No testing for illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS or hepatitis. All information is kept strictly confidential in compliance with HIPAA requirements.


5.  Where can you get a Wellness Screening?

1.      Worksite wellness screening by ADPH nurses.

2.      County Health Departments offer screenings throughout the state.

3.      Doctor’s office screening

·         No copay for 1 annual routine preventive visit. (Diagnostic services, treatments, and

·         some lab tests other than what is required may cause copay charges/fees

·         Members should not send the forms - the doctor’s office must mail or fax the fully completed form directly to ADPH at 334.206.0385 (fax number shown on form)

·         Use our Healthcare Provider Screening Form - available at


6.  What are the important phone numbers you should know?

·         PEEHIP Call Center is (877) 517-0020 (toll free number)   8:00 AM – 5:00 PM M-F

·         24/7 Nurse Line is (855) 294-6580 (toll free number and a free service)

·         Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) (800) 252-1818 (toll free)


7.  What if you need to print a form to take to the doctor?

·         The form used by doctors performing the wellness screening is located at


8.   How do you access the MyActiveHealth website?

·         Click on the link:

·         For detailed instructions on how to create a login click on the link: