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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees (12 Questions)

1. How do I view my employee personnel file?

Employees are welcome to visit the Human Resources department regarding the review of his/her employee file. Files can be viewed on an Appointment Only basis. Appointments need to be made 48 hours prior to visit. Files are available for viewing Monday through Friday, and the last appointment time is 3:30 p.m. An employee can set up an appointment by calling (205) 379-2373 or emailing the request to

2. How can I check the status of my application?

JefCoEd uses the Teach in Alabama online application program.

Click here for the Teach in Alabama website

Our staff cannot reset passwords or usernames. Please contact the Alabama State Department of Education if you have software related questions. Mrs. Annie Fain can verify if your application has applied for a specific job. You may contact Mrs. Fain at (205) 379-2229.

3. When does my certificate expire?

To check the validity and expirations of a certificate, please go to the following website and enter the information requested. The certification portal is located at

4. How do I renew my certificate?

It is the responsibility of every educator to know when his/her certificate expires. JefCoEd Human Resources staff will assist educators employed by our district in renewing his/her certificate. It is recommended that educators do an annual self-audit of their certificate by checking the expiration date on the certificate and by checking their professional development clock hours required for renewal. If an educator holds a Professional Leadership Certificate in administration and/or supervision, the educator must also earn the required Professional Learning Units (PLU) required for renewal.

5. How many professional development hours do I have?

The official database for professional development credits and professional learning units (PLUs) is located at the following web address:

All activities an educator plans to apply towards credit for a certficate renewal must be entered into this system. If you have login issues, please contact Ms. Laura Ware at (205) 379-2020 or

6. How do I get paid for a higher earned degree ?

JefCoEd pays certified employees based on the years of experience and based on the highest recognized college degree on record at the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE). You may contact Mrs. Aesha King at (205) 379-2224 or to ask about your degree status recognition. She can also assist JefCoEd teachers who have recently completed an advanced degree with the Verification of Higher Degree (VOHD) paperwork required by the ALSDE in order to have the advanced degree placed on the teacher's certification file. A teacher's pay will reflect the recognition of the higher degree on the date the ALSDE posts the VOHD on the teacher's certification profile.

7. Why am I being paid on the wrong salary step?

All JefCoEd employees are initially hired on step 1 of the salary matrix for the position for which they were recommended and approved. If previous experience from another district is provided using the required experience verification forms, the employee's step will be upgraded accordingly. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that the experience verification documents are sent from previous school systems.

8. When can I retire and who can I speak to about retirement?

Ms. Kimberly Scarvey is our retirement specialist. She can be contacted at or (205) 379-2217.

9. How do I get my sick days transferred to JefCoEd from another system?

Sick days can be transferred from your previous school district at the employee's request. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that the required form is provided to the previous employer to complete and mail back to JefCoEd Human Resources department.

10.  What do I do if I need to take a Medical Leave?

Notify your Principal/Supervisor.  Medical Leave is required if you will be out of work fifteen (15) or more days.  Acquire Medical Leave forms from the Website or by contacting Kim Scarvey at  Complete the forms and, if possible, return to Human Resources thirty (30) days prior to Medical Leave.  Employee must use accumulated Sick, Personal, and Vacation days for Medical Leave.  Medical Leave may be granted for up to 12 weeks upon physician's recommendation.

11.  How do I apply for FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)?

Notify your Principal/Supervisor.  Obtain appropriate forms from the  Website or from Kim Scarvey at  

12.  What do I do if I have an On-the-Job Injury?

Notify your Principal/Supervisor on the day of the incident.  Acquire the On-the-Job Injury forms from your work site or the Website.  Complete the On-the-Job Injury packet within 24 hours of the injury.  If you seek medical attention have the physician complete the required Physician's Statement.  

Substitutes (2 Questions)

1. Can I substitute and work with Community Education as an afterschool worker/caregiver?

No. An individual is not allowed to work for Appleton and JefCoEd.

2. Can I substitute and work as a Title 1 tutor?

No. An individual is not allowed to work for Appleton and JefCoEd.


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