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Community Education

Community Education is a school based program which brings the resources of the entire community or neighborhood together with the educational needs of the community. Our K-12 school facilities are utilized after regular school hours during the week, during school breaks and in the summer. Services include programs such as: After School Childcare, Parent Involvement, Student Tutoring, and Enrichment Classes.

Schools in Zones:

Erwin/Pinson Zone:
Pinson Elementary
Erwin Elementary
Pinson Valley High
Erwin High
Rudd Middle


Gardendale/Fultondale/Mortimer Jordan/Warrior Zone:
Bragg Junior High
Bryan Elementary
Burkett Center
Fultondale Elementary
Fultondale High
Gardendale Elementary
Gardendale High
Mortimer Jordan High
Mt. Olive Elementary
Snow Rogers Elementary
Warrior Elementary


Minor/West Jefferson/Corner Zone:
Adamsville Elementary
Bagley Junior High
Bottenfield Junior
Brookville Elementary
Corner Schools
Crumley Chapel Elementary
Hillview Elementary
Minor High
Minor Junior High
West Jefferson

Hueytown/McAdory/Oak Grove/Pleasant Grove Zone:
Brighton Middle
Concord Elementary
Gilmore Stadium
Liscomb Elementary
Hueytown Elementary
Hueytown Middle
Hueytown High
McAdory Elementary
McAdory High
North Highlands Elementary
Oak Grove Elementary
Pleasant Grove Elementary
Pleasant Grove High
Greenwood Junior High

Shades Valley Zone:
Chalkville Elementary
Clay-Chalkville Middle
Clay Elementary
Shades Valley High
Gresham Elementary
Irondale Middle
Grantswood Community
Shades Valley Tech. Academies
Jefferson Co. Int'l Baccalaureate
Clay-Chalkville High
Irondale Community