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Alabama Educational Technology Association Awards
Posted on 08/04/2016
This is the image for the news article titled Alabama Educational Technology Association AwardsIt is time to start thinking about nominating a deserving person in your school district or in the state who has made contributions to technology and its use in education. These awards are presented by the Alabama Educational Technology Association (AETA) at the Fall Symposium.

There are 3 awards:

Sally Moore Award

Sally Moore was a beloved technology coordinator who passed away too soon. AETA decided to honor her memory by establishing the Sally Moore Award. Each year this award is presented to an active AETA member who has shown a long term dedication to promoting technology in K-12 education and has gone "above and beyond" in supporting technology in their school district and in Alabama.  The recipient exhibits extraordinary leadership qualities while willing sharing personal successes (and failures) with others. The recipient of this award will receive a $1000.00 scholarship to be awarded to a deserving student.

Previous Sally Moore Award Winners:
2003 Donna Williamson
2004 Fran Pridgeon
2005 Margaret Blake
2006 Carol Doucet
2007 Susan Poling
2008 Mary Huff
2009 Tim Southerland
2010 David Asbury
2011 Jana Hoggle
2012 Bruce Ellard
2013 Dr. Connie Bain
2014 Susan Chandler
2015 Anthony Kingston

ISTE Making IT Happen Award

This is an internationally recognized awards program for educators in the field of educational technology integration in K-12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation. Criteria, which the program has historically referred to as the eight components of the "Formula of Success," are in place to assist state, regional, and national and international educational organizations in selecting awardees. The recipient of this award will receive a $1000.00 scholarship to be awarded to a deserving student.

Recipients of the awards are educators who meet the eight components of the “Formula of Success:” (Please include all components in your nominations for your nomination to be considered)

* Apply available technology now

* Move forward and don't look back

* See students as real people

* Teach through relationships, inspiring, and encouraging, nurturing

* Recognize that further change is necessary, but understand that it is a process

* Realize that teacher empowerment is the key element to technology integration

* Expect success

* Motivate through awareness and access to information

Previous ISTE Making It Happen Award Winners:

2006 Carol Doucet, Donna Williamson
2007 Kathy Raines, Davis Brock
2008 Debbie Rice, Lisa Amerson
2009 Shannon Parks, Keith Price
2010 Jerome Browning
2011 Tommy Whitten
2012 Jana Hoggle, Tim Southerland
2013 Chris Hamilton
2014 Susan Poling
2015 Bryan Phillips

AETA Emerging Leadership Award

Like technology itself, the definition of a technology leader is always changing as public education transforms around and through technology. Educators who become technology leaders in their districts serve as instigators, innovators, motivators, and often risk takers.  These individuals work tirelessly to help transform their districts.

These emerging stars may go by many different titles, but chances are he or she must be prepared to help educators implement new instructional technologies, handle online assessments, manage student achievement data, oversee cyber security, or keep a system that powers everything from attendance to budgeting to the grading system up and running.  This person may not always be the technology director, district technology coordinator, or CTO/CIO.

AETA's Emerging Leadership Award is designed to honor and recognize emerging stars as described above.

The recipient of the award will receive a $1000.00 American Express Gift Card that is designated for professional development.

1. Must be AETA member.

2. Must have been employed in public education for a minimum of 2 years.

3. Must not be the current District Level Technology Coordinator, CTO, CIO, or Director

4. Must exhibit the characteristics of a leader.

5. Must be making a significant impact of teaching and learning with technology.

6. Must be nominated by a school system employee and nomination approved by the Superintendent and District Level Technology Coordinator, CTO, CIO, or Director.

Previous Emerging Leadership Award Winners:

2014 Joani Kay
2015 Kelli Lane
Please send nominations by email to Tim Southerland by August 19th, 2016.