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Tax Renewal Press Conference

Superintendents of 12 School Districts Collaborate on March 7th Vote for Two Shared County-wide Taxes
Posted on 02/13/2017
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Jefferson County superintendents from 12 school districts proudly gathered to hold a press conference Monday, February 13 to announce a March 7 renewal of two county-wide levied taxes. They produce together more than $100 million annually and that money is shared by each district according to student population.

“This is not a new tax and we are asking people to vote for the four individual taxes that will be present on their ballot, including 2 district taxes and 2 county-wide taxes.” Said Dr. Craig Pouncey who presided over the press conference.

“This is the continuation of existing school taxes that will provide basic education funding and that is why it is critical to make all voters aware that we are renewing $100 million in annual funding. When these taxes were created for schools 30 years ago, the concept of an independent city school system was very young and few of the city systems were not even 30 years old.”

“Most of our messaging will be to parents through handouts, flyers and educational materials. There are yard signs which will be placed in parents’ yards, volunteers making phone calls, as well as some school messaging through our internal phone system. Also, there will be knocking on doors and shaking hands of people visiting voters to make awareness universal for our 500,000 voters.”

“Gardendale is on board with this tax renewal and it is a testament to collaboration between the 12 superintendents as to how we can work together and cooperate for this critical funding for each and every school system within Jefferson County. Each individual school system will be responsible for the marketing of its individual district taxes.”

Five of the 12 superintendents impacted by these taxes were present. Those city superintendents were John Moore, Leeds; Dr. Keith Stewart, Bessemer; Demica Sanders, Midfield; Dr. Larry Contri, Birmingham; and Dr. Walter Consoulin, Fairfield. Each superintendent addressed the press with what the district taxes would do for their individual systems. They shared about Pre-K programs, nurses, transportation, locally funded teaching unites, all unfunded mandates, the arts, advanced academics and utility bills.

“Though we each represent a different school district, we come together as a whole for education and most importantly, for the over 100,000 students this renewal affects. All Jefferson County superintendents stand together to address this upcoming tax renewal and what it means for our schools.”

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